RoyWilliam 17th July 2021

For some time it has been colder in São Martinho do Porto and other places at the Silver Coast – than other places like Lisbon and Algarve. For some time it has been a cold wind from north-west, that make the temperature lower. On the very hot days this wind is nice. Today it is […]

RoyWilliam 16th May 2021

Spring has been here for a long time, and now the beautiful spring flowering is slowly disappearing. At the same time it is lush and green, before it gets dry again, and hot summer. Still, it is now high time to get out into the beautiful nature, before the beautiful flowers disappear.It can definitely be […]

RoyWilliam 9th January 2021

In a quick trip out before the full lockdown, I find that people are willing to abide by it. The last coffee, walk, fuel, food or gas – before full speed home. A pity, as the weather turns out for the best, with the exception of the temperature. The sun is warming outside, so you […]

RoyWilliam 21st July 2020

After a period of sun and heat, there have been thunderstorms and varying temperatures, and the sun is hidden behind changing clouds.There was therefore plenty of space on the beach today, and easy to find parking.

RoyWilliam 17th June 2020

São Martinho do Porto is peaceful in the middle of the week and there is room for your car. In addition, it is warm enough, almost no wind, and you can sit down at your favorite cafe and drink something hot or cold, which suits you best.

RoyWilliam 14th June 2020

Many people went to the beach in the fine weather on Sunday. Most keep social distance, and wear masks when inside cafes or restaurants – except when eating or drinking. But not all.. But also, with so many people gathered in one place, and many queuing along the boardwalk – one or more people may […]

RoyWilliam 13th June 2020

São Martinho do Porto has opened for the season, after a long Corona break. Many people have used the nice weather today, Saturday, to visit the cafes and beach in São Martinho do Porto – but there is room for more people. However, today (June 13th) there was no room for more cars. New in […]