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RoyWilliam 13th December 2021

Be light, – and it became light … because Pedro and his team had been there. Finally, the beach promenade in São Martinho do Porto came to light. Despite some small obstacles, light came on. Now we can enjoy having a Christmas atmosphere – as it usually is – along our nice beach promenade. On […]

RoyWilliam 17th July 2021

For some time it has been colder in São Martinho do Porto and other places at the Silver Coast – than other places like Lisbon and Algarve. For some time it has been a cold wind from north-west, that make the temperature lower. On the very hot days this wind is nice. Today it is […]

RoyWilliam 16th May 2021

Spring has been here for a long time, and now the beautiful spring flowering is slowly disappearing. At the same time it is lush and green, before it gets dry again, and hot summer. Still, it is now high time to get out into the beautiful nature, before the beautiful flowers disappear.It can definitely be […]