RoyWilliam 29th January 2023

Baú das Memórias – Centro Cultural – Espaço Cultural Alfeizerão

In February it will be a photo exhibition in Alfeizerão by Norwegian photographer Roy William Gabrielsen.


Roy William Gabrielsen (b.1959) got his first Kodak Instamatic from his mother in 1970, and then a Yashica SLR from his father in 1973.

Already in primary school, the interest in photographing people completely took over. There was an apprenticeship with a well-known portrait and wedding photographer, supplemented by press photography.

The first own portrait studio was opened already in November 1981. Roy William pioneered new trends for wedding photos and portraits which were later copied by colleagues.

Interrupted by two years of serious illness, the career took a new path with administrative tasks, such as graphic design, marketing of colleagues’ studios with websites and programming of the CRM system for portrait studios in Norway.

With his knowledge of the industry, Roy William was brought in as general manager of the Norwegian Photographers’ Association, and a little later also editor of Norsk Fotografisk Tidsskrift  – magazine for professional photographers.

In parallel, Roy William also ran the gallery for Fotografiens Hus, which was owned by the Norwegian Photographers’ Association.

For the past 10 years, Roy William has been retired with photography, graphic design, programming and web development as a freelancer. Mostly to keep old knowledge the same, and satisfy his creative abilities.

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